Wednesday, 8 April 2015

We have a new floor!

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise £2,800 last year for our new workshop floor, office floor and kitchen. Whether it was through our online appeal, post show donations or regular donations - we couldn't have done this without you! This work has completely transformed our spaces and made our workshop usable for many years to come. Our makers were so eager to get back in, they even came in on Easter Monday!



I take a look back over the last few weeks and recount the time it took to make our office and workshop more of a home for us and the puppets...

Thursday 26th Feb
It's time for the the office floor to go down! Puppeteer Ivan helps me relocate the whole office into our new space "Next Door", where we set up a temporary camp site office for the next week. 

Monday 2nd March - Tuesday 3rd March 
The floor goes in whilst Steph & I camp out in "Next Door" to work on preparations in the lead up to Citizen Puppet's opening night! 

Wednesday 4th March
The office floor is finished and looking lovely! Ivan and I move everything back in and spend most of the day trying to untangle a heap of computer cables. 

Thursday 26th March - Friday 27th March
Facing a much more demanding job, its time for the workshop floor to go in! The state of the floor was much worse than the office: bare concrete with giant cracks, chunks of metal and remainders of years of old adhesive. Machinery, Puppets, Materials - two days to move everything out and into "Next Door". How do we have so much stuff?!

Monday 30th March - Tuesday 31st March
Bright and early Monday morning, the fitters arrive. It was pretty disgusting as they tried to clear the previous mess, with a lot of noise involved in removing the chunks of metal. After another two days, the floor is finally in. 

Wednesday 1st April - Thursday 2nd April
Ivan and Technical Manager Fergus move everything back into the workshop and the new kitchen goes in. The floor is looking amazing and with a lot of paint and a lot of cleaning, the workshop looks brand new. Finally we're finished!

Having been in the planning stages since I started at Blind Summit, it's great to see all our hard work pay off and our little home transformed. 
Brittany x

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