Friday, 1 April 2016

April's puppet of the month - Charrington...

How were you made?
I am designed and made by Nick Barnes and am made out of cast resin with a wooden body, metal joints, rubber hands and a tweed jacket. 

What were you made for?
I was made for Blind Summit's 2009 production of '1984' which played at the BAC. That's Battersea Arts Centre for those of you who don't know... 

How did the run go?
Well I wouldn't know as I was cut during rehearsals! I'm not bitter but as you can see, I've only just reappeared from the drawer they stored me in. I believe the show 
did rather well though; 4 stars 
from The Guardian and the Telegraph.

So why did you come out this week?
I'm often used for demonstration purposes, to grace the coffee tables of those interested in puppets. That was my job this week!

Fiona's top 3 tips on how to create shadow puppets...

1. When augmenting the puppeteer's body to make a shadow person or creature, attach shapes that inspire character.

2. Don't think in 2d just because the puppet is flat.

3. Copy pictures! Don't be afraid of detail.