Saturday, 5 September 2015

Stories from Edinburgh...

Now that our time in Edinburgh has come to an end, I take a look back at some of the highs & lows from the festival... 

Sunday 2nd August
We've arrived! A walk around Edinburgh to get our bearings and we spot our first advert on The Mound! 

Monday 3rd
Tina is found having a cheeky fag break by the fire exit during our tech time... 

Tuesday 4th 
11 hour script writing party to get the show ready for our first preview tomorrow!

Saturday 8th
We did it! Opening night was a success... DI Clive perches himself at the bar all night to celebrate... 

Thursday 13th
The reviews are in! 
**** "Fear not their awesome puppet powers"-The Scotsman

Tuesday 18th
Tina gets herself into a bit of trouble on The Royal Mile whilst flyering for being a bit too flirtatious...

Friday 21st
We seem to have gone and won ourselves The Scotsman Fringe First award! Daz accepts it on behalf of the team

Later that day...
The Citizens are invited onto STV's Edinburgh Festival programme. Suki does a beautiful rendition of 500 miles, whilst Tina asks the presenter out on a date (in front of hubby Howie)

Monday 24th
Citizen Puppet is featured in the British Council's late recommendations for the festival...

Thursday 27th
The cast of Familie Floz's Hotel Paradiso and the Citizens join on stage for a photo. We just love those giants...

Saturday 29th
Suki meets Spillikin the Robot, they fall in love & he proposes...

Sunday 30th
The last day is here! It's been a busy month and the show has changed in so many different ways. A huge thanks to our team at the Pleasance for all of the support!

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