Wednesday, 4 November 2015

November's Puppet of the Month - 'Worker Puppet'

What are you made of?
White muslin or calico, stuffed with wadding! 

How big are you?
Personally I'm 2 foot 6 inches tall, but I also come in various shapes and sizes

What show are you from?
Actually I'm not in a show! I'm used in workshops to help train new puppeteers and in R&D to experiment before Blind Summit build the final puppets. 

Does it make you sad you've never been in a show?

Are you jealous of the more detailed puppets?
Of course not! My strength is in my versatility...(Plus I can go in the washing machine)

What have you been up to recently?
Last month, I was in 3 places at once!
I trained performing arts students at Fourth Monkey in London, introduced film students to puppetry at UCA Rochester, and 
have been spending time with the lovely Hijinx Theatre in Cardiff on their new puppet show Meet Fred (which you can read about in our previous blog)

And since it's Bonfire night, do you like fireworks? 
I'm not allowed near fireworks - my skin is highly flammable! 

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