Monday, 27 February 2017

March's Puppet of the Month - Mao from 'Mr China's Son'

Chairman Mao, thank you for joining us.


What do you want?

We’re hoping you can tell us more about Mr China’s Son and the true story of He Liyi.

He Liyi! He loves the English language too much. 

‘Mr China’s Son’ - He Liyi's autobiography. Nick Barnes met the real life He Liyi and wanted to tell his story. Communist China, puppets, controlling the people... a good idea.

So this was Blind Summit's first ever show?! 

Yes. 2002 at the Pleasance, but we started making it in 1997 after Mark went to Nick's workshop at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  

You're a miniature sized Mao, aren't you? 

I am small but very precise. Nick took a long time to make my head. Sculpting in clay, make a mould, then casting in resin, and finishing.   

How was the experience of the show for you? 

They sent me to Hampstead in a parcel. Very uncomfortable. Terrible experience.

For reviews, photos and more on the production click hereand for Maddy Costa's article on how Mr China's Son fits into Blind Summit's history, click here.

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