Thursday, 31 August 2017

September Puppet of the Month - Mel the Cow

How did you get your name "Mel"?

Charlie named me after a friend of hers, Mel. Mark wanted to call me Daisy. I play the part of Milky White in Citizen Puppet. 

That sounds complicated...

Actually "Citizen Puppet" is changing to "Citizen Jack" I think. Although it's not a final decision yet. It keeps going backwards and forwards. It might be "Citizen Jack - A Puppet's Story". So... yes it's complicated. We're in development so things keep changing around. 

You weren't in the first version of the show were you?

Well exactly! The new version is going to be even better. There are going to be 25 puppets including a talking cow - me. 

What do you say?

I just try to tell my side of the story, what I know, which is mainly about when Jack sold me for beans. People don't think about what a risk he took when he did that, the gamble. Usually he is portrayed as dumb, but he knew what he was doing I think. And I talk about my life after that with the butcher. 

Do you make any cow puns?

Of course, but I don't milk it.

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