Monday, 1 December 2014

Laura Caldow on being the "feet" of Moses

After a couple of months as Moses's new feet on The Table, I spoke to Laura Caldow to see how she was getting on...

"As Moses says, it's a very tough job on the feet. It's a role that takes all of my concentration, stamina and imagination. I've never worked so hard or sweated so much! It's quite a challenge being the new person surrounded by such expert, old hands, and I have to be prepared to boldly make some mistakes (and have Moses take the piss out of me when I do!) I'm learning to be brave and put his foot down when I believe in something. I really love how many different ways I have to use my brain and how determinedly I have to get into his character if I want to do a good job (and forget the pain of being bent double for an hour and more). I have to think really fast so I'm not running under the others, and be prepared to change gears all the time. One thing I'm learning is how to tell a third of his story in what his feet think, and let Mark and Sean tell the rest in their roles. I think people think that doing the feet is kind of a thankless job, but it actually gives you a lot of freedom and it definitely feels like we all three share responsibility for what happens on stage. It's great when we're really working together and improvising, when you can throw something new into the mix and surprise Moses. I think he quite likes it!"

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