Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Our recent intern,Taz Burns from Warwick University, recounts her time with us...

What made you apply to work with Blind Summit?

I chose to work with Blind Summit because my particular interests in puppetry come from wanting to work with puppetry for adults rather than children. I first came across them via the 2012 Olympics puppets, and had seen a good deal of Moses’ character.

Tell us about some of the things you did whilst you were working with us

One of the best things for me about doing a placement with Blind Summit was that I got the opportunity to try a bit of everything. I got to spend a good deal of time in their R&D sessions listening in to discussions about new work and seeing how it develops; do a bit of puppetry as and when an extra pair or hands were needed; and try my hands at making a Styrofoam puppet head myself – which I hadn't been expecting to try at all!

Who is your favourite Blind Summit Puppet and why?

My favourite now is definitely Tina, who can seamlessly switch from being an elegantly rude queen to a hilariously misinformed Scottish lady in a matter of seconds – my respect goes to anyone who puppeteers her though, it never occurred to me before I met her in person just how heavy she can be after a while!

How do you think the skills you've learnt here will help you in the future?

Working with Blind Summit has given me some great insight into how a small professional company works,  and regardless of which career path I stumble down in the future (my sincere hope is that I’ll find a way to mix them all up), the valuable skills I have learnt during this time will no doubt be put to good use

Taz's puppet head in the making process

Taz wrote about puppetry for her BA degree dissertation, and is now specialising her research in puppetry for her MA in International Performance.

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